Our Chad assets consist of four blocks held under one PSC, covering a total of 10,684 km2.

Delonex holds a 100% working interest in Block H, Blocks DOC & DOD and Largeau III through its wholly owned subsidiary United Hydrocarbon Chad Limited (UHCL). The acquisition of the company from United Hydrocarbon International Corp. closed on the 22 September 2017.

Block H is located in the Termit Basin, immediately south-east of the prolific Agadem Block in Niger. The first well drilled in the basin, Kanem-1, was drilled in Block H in 1970 and discovered oil in Tertiary age sandstone reservoirs. Delonex have acquired an extensive seismic database across the block, and have recently completed a highly successful “proof of concept” drilling campaign. Preparations are ongoing for a second phase of drilling.

Blocks DOC and DOD are located in the Doba Basin in southern Chad, where the majority of currently producing fields are located. Blocks DOC and DOD contain four discoveries with certified combined 2C contingent resources of 12.6 mmbls (McDaniel Resource Assessment, 31 March 2016), as well as a number of undrilled exploration prospects and leads.